Our skin is supported by a structure made up of collagen fibres and hyaluronic acid (HA is a naturally occurring sugar).HA ensures hydration of the skin by absorbing water. As part of the aging process we lose HA which causes loss of volume and therefore wrinkles & folds will appear.

This can now be remedied by replacing the lost HA by injecting it into the skin. I use the Juvederm (trademark) facial filler range, which is made of HA in a smooth gel. Depending on the filler used, treatment can reduce or smooth lines and wrinkles, give a lifting effect by adding volume to the cheek and chin and reshape and define the facial contours and lips. HA fillers are temporary and gradually reabsorbed by the body so treatment lasts 6-9 months (up to 18 months with volumising filler).

Treatment Prices

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